About Us

Deliver a WOW experience through service! This is the core value that rules them all. Obe Property Group will become synonymous with exemplary customer service (routinely doing extraordinary things for clients, for example, sending flowers and a thank you note, walking the extra mile), but the ethos extends to everyone that works at Obe Property Group. It must not be a plaque on the wall but a way of life. This will be our CULTURE!
Create, innovate, embrace and drive change Creative ideas & innovative tools will be the norm, not an exception! We have grand ambitions to grow Obe Property Group into a big company that spans several services. But we never want it to feel too big. This core value asserts that every idea, big or small will get a hearing, and acknowledges that most of the important ones will bubble up from the agents & staff. Obe Property Group will listen!
Be happy, every day! This core value manifests itself in obvious and subtle ways alike. Bell ringing when a deal is done! Let there be plenty of singing, laughing, & a general sense of happiness. At Obe Property Group, even mundane procedural meetings should have a happy feel to them. Interview questions should be anything but standard and when it comes time to inform new hires of fire-able offenses, the managers act out the no-nos! Smiling & sense of humor is encouraged!
Being open-minded & adventurous / Build honest relationships through communication Obe Property Group is a risk-taking organization where failure is a teacher. Agents & staff are prompted to try new things to delight customers. Managers take their agents out of the office as a way to get them to think about their jobs differently and create stronger bonds. Obe Property Group is big on transparency and having employees say what they think.
Pursue growth and learning The Obe Property Group library has several bookshelves fully stocked with books ranging from "How to Master the Art of Selling", "Design" to "Make to Stick" and "Good to Great". They're free for employees to read. Everyone is encouraged to enroll in tape programs that the company offers as a way to learn new skills and disciplines.
Technology & Web based! The network is the organization. Every department, every agent lives on the web! Access means success. Every one has access to everything. Seamless transactions, seamless forms, seamless information! We aim to "take advantage" of the web in our "proven" "business model". However, we must re-imagine that business model so that it is driven-internally & externally-by the Web and the power of Total Connectivity. The Internet allows us to dream previously undreamed-of dreams! Internet is not a technology play, it is a relationship, partnership, organizational & communication play!
Design & Systems!!! Real Estate is the art & you are the artist! Design is a way of demonstrating how beautiful something can be. It has a very profound quality. Design everything! workplace, website, forms! Outstandingly good design creates an emotional connection! It must be an essential part of Obe Property Group. Secondly, systems should be created that are simple, clear, graceful & beautiful! How can a client get the information they need in 3 clicks & 30 seconds! Do agents have info at their fingertips! Read: cell phone! Systems matter!
Do more with less Obe Property Group is profitable, but like all companies, it's trying to watch expenses. An example: The culmination of each training session to be followed by a congratulatory happy hour that helps bond new agents - a happy hour at the office, not a bar! Instead of paying $540 monthly to lease copiers we buy them outright!
Integrity Integrity is an all-important bookend core value. Integrity underlies each action we take. Let there be no mistake about it! If we can't do the right thing, we won't do it! We live by a 100% "integrity" Policy!
An "Attitude of Gratitude" Charity is part of who we are. We give back 5% of profits to those less fortunate. We serve the community that allows us to succeed in it! We live with an "Attitude of Gratitude!"